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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "value-based procurement" and why is it important when purchasing water and wastewater equipment?

Value-based procurement, also known as "best value" procurement, means evaluating purchases beyond price. It means going beyond "lowest responsible bidder" criteria to weigh in factors such as long-term value, evolving technologies, customer service and design aesthetics. WWEMA advocates for governments and private entities to used value-based procurement methods to ensure the best use of their water- and wastewater-related budgets.

Why should I choose a WWEMA member when making water and wastewater equipment purchasing decisions?

Members of the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association have shown a commitment to the industry through their membership. They have exclusive access to educational programming at the WWEMA-sponsored meetings, offering them education on the latest technological advances within the industry as well as insights into the ever-evolving needs and preferences of contractors and purchasers. This site allows you to search for WWEMA members by company name or by product/service category.